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About Branch Remote Offices

Branch provides multiple packages perfect for small businesses no matter what their goals are. From a Conference room, receptionist service, marketing and business development support down to simply an address to receive mail to. There is something for every business owner. And if your plan doesn’t exist, you can make your own with a custom plan.

We provide a number of products that are designed to help fill the gaps for your business during the critical times of trying to grow. Check out our options in our store.


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The Branch Remote Office

Our goal at Branch is to provide a better pathway to growing your business. Most business owners start out working in their homes. A basement, spare room or office, or a garage is often where successful companies have their humble start.

For most companies though, making the step from home office to full blown commercial space including receptionist and marketing manager is like taking a 10 story leap with no human cannon assistance. It is very intimidating and financially risky to make that large of a jump using resources from a small home based business.

Branch offers you the figurative “escalator” to make the rise from home office to full blown commercial space and staff. Branch offers a commercial location to receive mail, deliveries, meetings with clients, a live operator/receptionist, and marketing/business advice from professionals that have proven success in their fields. You really can’t ask for more at a cost that is as little as 25% of what it would cost to lease and hire staff in house.

Get your Branch Remote Office today and start growing your business the right way!

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