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We are always looking for new locations. These are a few new areas we are considering in New Hampshire. Tell us which one you would like to see next!

Hooksett, NH

Concord, NH

exeter, NH

Branch Remote Offices Expanding…

Our business model provides your business model a clear and easy path to growth. So it is no wonder we are always looking to expand. Tell us where you would like to see our next office.

“I’ve seen shared offices popping up everywhere… why is Branch any different?”

We agree, shared office spaces are abundant. What we don’t see with those spaces is any assistance or clear path for your small business to ever leave. The services we offer in conjunction with the physical space is extermely valuable when you are trying to grow.

More than that, these other “shared office spaces” are typically in the most populated area in a large office type building. We have found that many small businesses do not really fit well in that setting. Construction trades for example, wouldn’t want to bring clients to a large office building to meet. Small commercial condos make more sense. These smaller commercial condo locations also allow us to be a better fit since we can have them closer to your home where you are primarily operating your business. Who wants to drive 25 minutes over to the closest city just to meet a customer for 10 minutes or pick up your mail.

Our approach caters more to your business and is good for your busy schedule. We know you will appreciate the benefits and little commitment involved in choosing Branch Remote Offices. Sign up today and get started!