Registered Agent (Annual)

$149.00 $79.00 / year

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The very first step to starting a business in New Hampshire or the USA is a registered agent.  Our registered agent service goes above and beyond.  We provide any guidance you need on getting your business registered with the State and making sure you get your paperwork filed and a certificate of formation back as quickly as possible.  We are here to support you through the whole process as your registered agent.  And unlike other registered agents, we don’t hit you with extras or steep rate increases after the first year.  Get locked in now and don’t wait.



Trying to start a business in New Hampshire, or the USA?  Use us for your filings.  It’s easy and New Hampshire was rated #1 state for opportunity (, so it’s  a great state to start your business.

A registered agent is required by law in all states.  So if you want to start a business you’ll need one.  We provide a quality service at a very reasonable rate.  Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are trying to break into the US market and need to start a business, use our services and get started.

What does a registered agent do?  Primarily it is listed on legal documents with the State, so we are “registered” to receive documents and notices from the Secretary of State for you.  We keep our physical office location open and registered with the State to operate this way.