The Full Branch Plan

$699.00 / month

This is our top tier and third step of the process. See how with an commercial location, receptionist, business strategy and marketing analysis you can really excel your business in the right direction at 25% of the cost doing it all in house!!



As it grows, every small business encounters a point where it needs to ramp up it’s efforts to reach new customers and continue to be able to show profit despite increased costs. In order to do this you often need a physical location, a full time receptionist, and staff that can help you to manage marketing and business strategies. Our full office plan allows you to have that within a controlled environment at a fraction of what it would cost to have these people on payroll. This plan is the third step in the Branch Remote Offices three tier approach to growing your business.


Your new business address is an actual commercial location. When someone looks up your address from your website or google, they won’t see your home or neighborhood. This adds to credibility and confidence for your customers.


A commercial location to receive mail. More importantly, a place where your customers can drop off important paperwork or meet with you. There is a great diminishing of trust and confidence if there is nowhere to meet up with a customer besides the local coffee shop or parking lot.


We have designed our locations to have large monitors in the window and in the waiting room as you walk in. This allows us to display your company’s name and logo during the times you reserve to meet with your customers. All you need to do is call ahead or go online to reserve our conference room and we will be sure to change the display.


To reserve the conference room, just go online or call ahead. If you don’t need a conference room and just want to meet up for a couple minutes with your customer for an exchange of some sort, just come down.


Our receptionist is available monday through friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Simply forward the calls from your existing provider to a new number we will set up and our receptionist will answer using a greeting that includes your company name. A message will be taken down and then we follow up with you via phone call, text message, or email.


We offer a twice per month meeting with our marketing and business managers. It is critical for a new business to market itself properly. Being relevant and fresh, while at the same time offering products or services that speak to customers is extremely important. However, if you don’t do this in a smart way with your marketing you might as well pack it up. We offer insight on marketing techniques and keeping up with understanding the costs and profits of your business. Extremely valuable tools on your path to growth.

  • Plan allows for up to 4 hours per month of conference room reserved time. More time is allowed but is billed at a rate of $69/hr with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Plan allows for commercial address use. Please follow all rules for GMB (google my business).
  • It is the responsibility of the business owner to provide Branch Remote Offices with an acceptable logo file to display during reserved times.
  • 300 minutes of receptionist time is included with the plan. $1.15 per minute after that will be billed at the end of billing period. Receptionist time includes actual phone time with your customer and follow up with your business.
  • Receptionist plan does not guarantee answering of calls, although we try diligently to answer all calls quickly, there may be times of extremely high volume where calls are missed. This service is not best fitted for business with high call volume and it is at the discretion of Branch to cancel plans based on unmanageable high call volume. Power outage and service problems also can be attributed to missed calls and this is not within control of Branch.
  • Management sessions are 1 hour. Additional meetings are available at additional costs. Management meetings are business advice only. There are not a guarantee of business performance or revenue. This plan includes advice only, does not include tutorials, education, or any actual work done by management to perform said advice.
  • This service is month to month, no contracts. Paypal subscription will bill monthly unless canceled through your paypal account.